nrspLand-water interface production
systems in peri-urban Kolkata
Rural-urban migration, limited livelihoods options, environmental degradation and poor service provision mean that peri-urban interface (PUI) zones are increasingly characterised by communities with a high proportion of poor people. However, institutional support and policy initiatives are largely targeted toward 'rural' or 'urban' communities. By providing planners, policy makers and other stakeholders with improved knowledge concerning PU production systems and their role in poor livelihoods, it is anticipated that prospects for developing natural resource management strategies that benefit the poor will increase greatly.

Purpose: Knowledge on the Kolkata (Calcutta) PUI generated, emphasising contribution of land-water interface (LWI) production systems to the livelihoods of poor people and the role of institutions and actors
Welcome to the peri-urban Kolkata homepage. This project (R7872) is funded under the Natural Resources Systems Programme (NRSP). Primarily the project aims to generate new knowledge, however, it is anticipated that key outcomes will guide further action planning and development projects.
Despite much technical research, the viability of LWI production systems in PU Kolkata is threatened by a number of factors. Furthermore, although it was widely acknowledged that significant numbers of poor livelihoods depend on these activities either directly of indirectly, little work had been done to characterise this dependence or assess the most pressing issues threatening continued access to these benefits. The purpose of this project is to address these issues, to consolidate existing information and generate new knowledge, disseminating it to stakeholders and target institutions in appropriate formats that promote its uptake and use.

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The 'Renewable natural resource-use in livelihoods at the Calcutta peri-urban interface' project is funded by the Department for International Development (UK Government) NRSP programme and managed by Dr Stuart Bunting, Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling, Stirling FK9 4LA, Scotland, UK

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