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Gender in Aquaculture Publications and Related Documents.
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Some documents are available online, others have to be requested because of copyright constraints. Related references and web sites are also suggested, see below.

Women in Aquaculture (APEC) Final Project Report by Cecile Brugere, Malene Felsing, and James Muir (2001).

Gender-Responsive Aquaculture Policy Workshop Proceedings by Cecile Brugere, Kyoko Kusakabe, Govind Kelkar, Lindsay Pollock and James Muir (2000).

Gender Manual: A Practical Guide for Development Policy Makers and Practitioners. DFID publication by Helen Derbyshire (2002).

"Gender Mainstreaming: Good Practices from the Asia Pacific Region" by Heather Gibb, in which the Women in Aquaculture project was cited as an example of gender integration. Available online at: (www.apecsec.org.sg/download/gender/GEN_GMGP.pdf)

Women for aquaculture or aquaculture for women? Paper by Malene Felsing, Cecile Brugere, Kyoko Kusakabe and Govind Kelkar in Infofish International, No. 3/2000, pp. 34-40. The paper has been reproduced on: http://www.spc.org.nc/coastfish/News/WIF/WIF7-Internet/09.htm

"Gender Concerns in Aquaculture in Southeast Asia" by Kyoko Kusakabe and Govind Kelkar (editors.) Gender Studies, Monograph 12, pp. 65-80 (2001). Available on request from Cecile Brugere (c.d.brugere@ncl.ac.uk)

Woman feeding fish, Thailand. Malene Felsing

Woman feeding cage fish, Malaysia. Cecile Brugere

Related Websites and References

United Nations International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women (http://www.un-instraw.org)

Women in aquaculture and fisheries in Europe, a European thematic network (http://www.fishwomen.org)

Women feed the world (http://www.futureharvest.org/people/women.shtml)

Aquaculture key information sheet, produced by DFID (http://www.keysheets.org/green_4_aquaculture.html)

"Involvement of rural women in aquaculture: an innovative approach" by A. Shaleesha and V.A. Stanley (2000). Available online at: (http://www.worldfishcenter.org/Naga/aq2.pdf)

"Women in aquaculture: initiatives from Caritas Bangladesh" by A.B. Shelly and M. D'Costa. Available online at: (http://www.worldfishcenter.org/Pubs/Wif/wifglobal/wifg_asia_caritas.pdf)

Meeting information needs on gender issues in aquaculture (1994, FAO) (http://www.fao.org/DOCREP/x0180e/x0180e00.htm#TopOfPage)

"Does cage aquaculture address gender goals in development? Results of a case study in Bangladesh". Paper by Cecile Brugere, Kenny McAndrew and Paul Bulcock published in Aquaculture Economics and Management, 5(3-4): 179-189 (2001). Copies available on request from Cecile Brugere (c.d.brugere@ncl.ac.uk)
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