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Women in Aquaculture Project (FWG03/99)
The Fisheries Working Group of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation funded the project "Women in Aquaculture" (FWG 03/99).

By linking two important fields in rural development: small-scale aquaculture and gender studies, the project focused on gender issues in aquaculture and aimed to develop strategies to improve gender and livelihood goals through aquaculture development. It also answered the question:
Can aquaculture development play a role in women's empowerment and social advancement, and if so, how?
Objectives were:
(1) To identify key issues related to the role of women in aquaculture in developing economies
(2) To propose a strategy that will allow the APEC Fisheries Working Group and economies to decide how best to promote and contribute to the involvement of women in aquaculture.

Backyard fish processing, Indonesia. Cecile Brugere
Backyard fish processing, Indonesia. Cecile BrugereTarget APEC economies in Asia were China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. Work was carried out collaboratively with people from Gender and Development Studies at the Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok, Thailand and the Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling in Scotland with the support of research centres and aquatic resource management organisations from the target economies.
Main project output included the design of a "capability improvement framework for women in aquaculture" to "measure" women's access to, and control over, aquaculture resources and outputs and the extent of benefits from their involvement in the activity.

The framework is available as part of the final project report:
Brugere, C., Kusakabe, K., Kelkar, G., Felsing, M. and Muir, J.F. (2001) Women in Aquaculture. Project FWG 03/99, Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, Singapore.

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